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You can read our onboarding document to learn more about the mission of the lab and expections of lab members.

We are currently hiring postdoctoral researchers, research assistants and software engineers.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact us.

These are the current open positions if you are ready to apply:

Graduate students

Our primary affiliations are the University of Colorado’s Computational Bioscience Program and the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program. Students pursuing computational research from other graduate, discipline-specific programs are also welcomed and encouraged to contact Milton. Milton has received the following training for faculty to support students:

Our teaching approach in bioinformatics is grounded in the philosophy that students should learn the fundamental principles on which modern computational methods are based, and apply them simultaneously to a real biological problem. This approach provides students with both the theoretical foundations of a method and practical insight into its application to a real problem. By acquiring a deep understanding of all the essential components, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to confidently apply their skills to develop innovative approaches in industry and academia.

Please reach out if you have any preliminary questions.