PhenoPLIER A gene-module-based approach to genetic studies

An omnigenic approach that provides a gene module perspective to genetic studies. PhenoPLIER computes gene module-trait associations and a drug-disease links.

CCC: Clustermatch Correlation Coefficient
CCC: Clustermatch Correlation Coefficient An efficient not-only-linear correlation coefficient

An easy-to-use and not-only-linear coefficient based on machine learning models. CCC can detect biologically meaningful linear and nonlinear patterns missed by standard, linear-only correlation coefficients.

Manubot AI Editor
Manubot AI Editor AI-assisted manuscript revision tool

A workflow for Manubot that automatically improves scholarly manuscripts using large language models from OpenAI.


ukbREST Efficient and streamlined data access for reproducible research in the UK Biobank

A tool that enables efficient retrieval of phenotypic and genetic data from the UK Biobank within a private, secure network using a REST API. Its data access specification is in a human-readable text format that can be easily shared with other researchers.

divControl Diversity control for cluster ensembles

A method to smoothly control the diversity of a cluster ensemble, providing an effective way to study the diversity influence on clustering consensus performance.